Friday, June 18, 2010


So we had to make the difficult decision to amputate Parker's leg. As you may remember back in December we found a tumor on his leg. It turned out to be malignant. We were lucky that the type of cancer it is it's one that does not spread but the tumor keeps growing. He had surgery at the end of December to try to take as much of the tumor out. Because of the location they were not able to take the entire thing. So the tumor grew back and it was becoming a problem again. The problem with the growing is that it became ulcerated so it was bleeding and it was making it hard for him to walk. He kept picking at it. We tried keeping it bandaged up but as you know Parker well there is nothing more that the likes than picking something, especially a wound. So the poor thing was with a cone for a while and then a boot.

In April the tumor was back and worse than December so we decided to try another surgery to try to take the tumor out. The tumor was so large at this point that after the surgery he did not have enough skin to be able to close the wound. Since April it has been a nightmare trying to make it heal. He keep getting infections and he was just in pain.
So last week we decided to amputate. By amputating the cancer problem goes away but then the new issue of walking on 3 legs arises. We were concerned about his age, he will be 11 in November. But we figured that at this point it was either amputating or putting him to sleep and I was not ready for that especially since there was a chance he could recover.
So he had surgery on Wednesday. He spent the night at the vet and we picked him up yesterday afternoon. I was amazed when I saw Aaron walk out of the vet with Parker hopping next to him. I was expecting a big wound and lots of stitches but it was worse than I had imagined. I forget how much they have to shave him, he looks like a poodle with no hair in about 1/2 his body.
The girls were excited to have him home, although Izzie lost interest on him and went back to playing within 5 minutes of being home. Somehow they did not notice the big wound or the fact that he was missing a leg.

I had tried to prepare Natalie and after we got home she told me that I was wrong. That I had told her that Parker would look different but that he looked the same to her. Apparently she thought that he was going to change colors or something because while we were waiting for Aaron to come out of the vet with Parker she asked me what color he was going to be.

So we put a t-shirt on him to cover the wound and he is doing better. He looks good, he is in pain but I am amazed at how animals recover. He can pull himself up and he stands and hops around. He gets tired quickly and he does not sit anymore, he goes down and lays down but it is way more than I was expecting.

He ate his dinner well last night (again this is Parker when has he turned down food!). He slept well, but at 1am I woke up to his whimpers. Turns out that somehow he had turned and he was laying on his surgery side so he could not get himself back up and I am sure it was hurting. Because he is so heavy and I was afraid of hurting him I had to wake Aaron up (which he was thrilled). But we turned him around and he was better and he slept fine. This morning we put him out and we left him in the yard for a few minutes when then I heard a whimper and I found him on the back porch. He climbed up the 4 steps from the yard to the back porch. I have no idea how he did it, and it exhausted him but he did it! If he can do this not even 2 days after surgery I have hopes that he will recover.

He is taking it easy, given that I think he will try to go upstairs I am keeping a gate so that he does not even try to climb upstairs. It helps that our bedroom is downstairs so at least he can sleep with us. Also given that it is so hot he is happy to stay downstairs where it's cooler.
We are sad for what he has lost and that he will never be the same but we are lucky that he is still alive and he will get better.
here are some pictures...

Parker on Tuesday, the day before his surgery wearing the boot.

When we got home yesterday afternoon. His whole belly is shaved.

This morning, tired after climbing up 4 steps.

As I was writing this he kept whimpering because he did not like being by himself. I then hear him hopping and I turned to find him in the entrance. He had crossed the living room and wanted to come and lay by the front door closer to me and where he usually lays. It is amazing watching him because he loves to lay against the walls and as he was getting closer I could see that the way he was standing he was going to have to lay on his surgery side but he must have a realized it too because he turned around so that he could lay on his good side.
Here he is standing making his way across.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I know it's been a while since I have updated the blog. We have been busy and I keep forgetting.
The girls are done with school for the summer so the next 3 months should be interesting. I have never looked forward to Labor Day as much as I do right now!

Natalie had her big ballet recital yesterday. We are so proud. When she started in September I just hoped she would stay interested and make it through the recital. Well she loved it. She loves ballet and she would practice at home. She is taking a class this summer and she is already signed up for the fall again.

She did great at her recital. She was so excited. I was worried she would get scared, given this is Natalie and she is afraid of everything. But she danced and enjoyed every second. They did two dances. The first one is ballet and they danced to Tinkerbell's song "Fly to your Heart" and then tap to Bambi's song "Little April Shower". During the first song Natalie jumped and her hair piece went flying. I was afraid she was going to stop dancing to pick it up but she never even noticed.

By coincidence the daughter to one of Izzie's teachers was at the same recital (they have so many classes they have 3 different ones). She volunteered to help so she was able to get in early and she got some great seats. Well she had her husband takes pictures of Natalie. Which was great because I was sitting so far back and had Izzie on my lap that there was no way I could have taken any good pictures.

So here are the pictures. Hope everyone is doing well.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


For I think the third time this winter they were calling out for snow today. I did not think it would happen given that previous times it was pretty much sleet with tiny flurries that lasted 5 minutes.
Also it was hard for me to believe given that on Sunday it was 75 degrees and we were outside in shorts.

This morning we woke up to rain, as expected. But they had said that by 10 am it was going to switch to snow. Well I was shocked when at 8am I looked out the window and saw big snowflakes. The girls had school today but given that I know the snow here can last just a few minutes I took them outside so they could see it and take some pictures.

On the way to school there was a mix of everything. Rain, then sleet and finally big wet snowflakes.

When I picked them up at school it was still snowing. They had a great time at school, they took all the kids outside so they could enjoy it.

When we got home it was naptime and around 3 the snow started up again so I bundled the kids up and we went outside.

The dogs are loving it. It has been 2 years since they have seen snow. But boy have the dogs aged in this past 2 years. Parker who loves the cold and love the snow was eating the snow and trying to play but he kept shaking so after about 15 min I had to bring him in the house.
Abi did better, but she does not like the cold so she is happy to be inside.

Natalie was very excited. We tried to build a snowman but there was not that much snow and every time we tried to turn it into a ball Parker would come and try to eat it. So I had to do a little one and put it out of his reach.

Izzie for some reason got scared of the snow. The moment her feet touched the snow since it was a different feeling she freaked out and started crying. She went back up on the back porch and stayed there. She touched the snow she just refused to walk on it.

this morning before school. Izzie is still in her pjs :-)

mid morning, the snow is picking up.

I have never seen palm trees with snow.

the golf course

getting ready to go out

Parker eating the snow we wanted to make our snowman

Izzie refusing to come down and play in the snow. She wanted me to carry her.

our little snowman. the girls lost interest before we could finish it.

Monday, January 18, 2010

All Grown Up!

Well Izzie is all grown up! We took the side off her crib and she is now in a toddler bed. For some time now she has been getting up on Natalie's bed and trying to sleep there. She has not climbed out of her crib but we figured she was ready for a toddler bed. Plus she is almost getting too big for the crib and we want to get her used to sleeping without a side before we put her in a big bed.
She was so excited. As Aaron was taking the side off and putting up the little rails she kept saying "big girl bed" over and over again. She is very happy to be able to get in and out all by herself.
Now if we could only get rid of the paci and the diapers......

During nap time....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The girls are getting to such a fun age it is funny watching them play and watching their imagination. So today while they were in school I got a new rug to put in front of the door to the back porch. I just found the girls sitting on the rug with their blankets and some of their playfood because they are having a picnic.

Monday, October 5, 2009


The girls have been noticing the houses in our neighborhood decorated for Halloween so they wanted pumpkins. As Natalie said, she wanted a pumpkin with a happy face...
So I took them to Target this morning so we could get a pumpkin to decorate the front door.
Well who knew that they also make pumpkins in different colors. Natalie of course picked a pink one and Izzie for some unknown reason wanted blue. She kept saying it was yellow and I kept telling her it was blue and she was happy. I was trying to encourage her to pick a pink one so that they would be the same which meant no fighting later on at home but Izzie would not let go of the blue pumpkin. At least the pink one looks a little like orange, the blue not so much. Either way it's their pumpkin and they were very excited.
We got a big one for outside and the little ones have batteries and they light up. I have a feeling this little pumpkins will be around for a while, not just Halloween. They actually are pretty good nightlights.....

Check out the pictures, you can see the rock that Aaron spent 2 days spreading all over the front bushes. It looks great and hopefully it will last longer than mulch.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My day today.....

So I am having such a wonderful day today that I had to share!!! (can you tell my sarcasm....)

So my day started at 5am (i am rounding here it was like 4:50am) when I heard banging around coming from upstairs. So I dragged myself out of bed and sure enough I find Natalie ready to start her day. So some arguing about the time and some threatening and I go back downstairs to try to get some more sleep. Well of course I can't sleep. I can hear Natalie opening and closing her dresser. So she is not going back to sleep. Now we need to make sure Izzie does not get woken up. So finally at 5:50am I give up on any sleep and get up. At 6:00 am Izzie is up. She normally wakes up at 7:00 so waking up at 6:00 is not good.
So I tell them they need to stay in their rooms until it's time to get up (my plan 6:30).
Whole lot of crying & screaming. It's barely 6am!!!

So 6:30 the girls come out. Sure enough Izzie is cranky! She is tired and clingy and whinny and I am trying to get ready for the day ahead of me.

By 8:00am the girls have had so many time outs I lose count.

At 9:30 I have had enough of all the screaming and fighting that I put them each in their room before it's time to go to Natalie's ballet class.

At 10:00 I go get Natalie to get her dressed for ballet and I find her sitting on her sink, pulling medicines from the medicine cabinet because the baby doll needs medicine. I look in Izzie's room and I realize that they have been going to their rooms through the bathroom and that Natalie had already been through Izzie's medicine cabinet. Luckily she could not open the motrin & tylenol or the huge bottle of baby oil..........

We go to ballet then it's home for lunch. Things are looking up. I see naptime in my future......

The girls go to sleep and although they did not take a very long nap like they should given how tired they are, it was still a good nap so hopefully the afternoon will be better.

At 3:15 we leave so that we can go pick up Parker's medicines at the vet which I had already called ahead so all we had to do was pick them up. And then off to playgroup.

So we get to the vet, I asked for the pills, they are finishing getting them ready. The girls are at next to me. I look down and Izzie is laying on the floor. I make her get up, why is she laying on the floor at the vet's . So as I am checking out I notice Izzie's shirt is all dirty, she stinks and she is holding on to something in her fingers.
I smell poop!
Then I notice poop on the floor and realize she has been playing with it, rolling with it on the floor and I am hoping she did not try to eat it. This all in the 5 min we have been there.
So Izzie starts crying and has this look in her eyes like she did something bad. She gets all serious and does not talk. So I am thinking she ate poop.
So I tell the people working there that there is poop on the floor, I take her shirt off, which is has poop all over and stinks. Well Izzie still stinks, so I take her to the bathroom (with Natalie following behind trying to leave the bathroom because she does not want to be stuck there). So I wash Izzie's hand, and I am trying to smell her mouth to see if she ate any, spraying water in her mouth just in case (in the end I don't think she ate any but I am not 100% sure) and cleaning her chest. I think we are good to go, when Izzie says "poop" and points at my feet. Well Izzie had stepped on it too, and she had stepped on my feet, so now my feet have poop too.
So I get my foot and flip flop cleaned and 15 min later we are out the door. We were at the vet for almost 1/2 hr when all I wanted was to pick the pills.
We leave and poor Izzie is shoeless and shirtless.

Thank goodness we had playgroup and Aaron came home early so when we got back he was home. The girls are still tired and I can't wait for bedtime!

I just hope tomorrow is a better day!